Mission of the association




Establishing the association allows us, the parents, to support local school throughout the education process. Thanks to the association we can act as a single body, while at the same time work as individuals. In addition to that, after gaining support from external bodies, we can easily redistribute the tasks within our internal structure.

what is our mission?

Our association cooperates with a primary school in a village Rzeplin and local club-room in Karwiany. Both villages are located close to Wrocław.

By active work within association, we want to:

– organize additional activities after school time (workshops, language studies, computer studies, footbool trainings, etc.)
– we want to provide organized activities during summer time break
– we want to support kids that require financial support so they can activelly participate in various cultural activities

In addtition to that we want to act in the areas together with our Community.

– resolving communication related issues
– providing better and easier access to Wrocław’s facilities
– support for the primary school in Rzeplin (additional equipment that will improve teaching process)
– renovation of local club-room in Karwiany

how do we want to gain support?

As an association, we are trying to gain financial support from various sources – attendance in projects devoted for public associations, support from commercial companies, various projects funded by European Union. We also, of course, cooperate with our Community.