Karwiany – spend your time reasonably

Do you recall our project “Karwiany – spend your time reasonably”? Well, we are closing the thing. At the moment, we are at the final stage, and thanks to support from “Małe Inicjatywy” we will organize lots of activities in club house in Karwiany.

There will be activities for kids and grownups. Watch out for news. Number of people who can attend the workshops is limited!


Logo contest – results

As you probably remember, we have conducted logo contest some time ago.

Logo contest

Well, we haven’t received that many works 🙂

We have received four suggestions from contestants. Two of them came from a single person. As we promised to honor six best works, we are giving away three of them to people who were brave enough to suggest their ideas. We think that these are really cute works!

Anyway, do you recall that we have promised six prizes?

Yes, we still have three more rewards – invitation for two Pizzas!

If you want to participate, take your chance and send your suggestions for the logo. Below, you can find winners of the current edition.


Children’s Day the Day of the Sport Activity – summary

We have done it. We have managed to organize sport activity day during this year’s Children’s Day. Thanks to local authorities we have acquaired funds that heavily supported our local school. We have bought footbal gates that are now placed on the football field. There is new badminton field. Our school has new, great football T-shirs (with numbers and name of the school). They look, oh so professional 🙂

Thanks to the funds from local authorities we were able to buy pavillion that gives some shade during sunny days. We also bought some equipment for basketball and walleyball. Summarizing – lots of new stuff, and all that for kids.

We were able to accomplish that thanks to warm approach from Community Office and provincial governor – mister Jan Żukowski. Thank you!

And, for now, we are looking for new adventures and new projects!


Karwiany – spend your holiday time reasonably

Holliday time is comming. That’s cool, no school. On the other hand, that’s loots of time you can spend in an active way. Any ideas? Well, we are trying to find some.

What we are doing now is trying to get funds for some activities in our local community hall in Karwiany. We want to provide all citizens with some activities – free of charge 🙂 If we succed, we will, for sure, advertise it all over the place. We want you to attend workshops. Cross your finger!